Start the Getaway Car!

As you ride off into the sunset into a land of newly-wed bliss what will you be hanging tins cans from?

wedding limousineAfter you’ve said your “I-Dos”, had three slices of cake and danced with everyone you know it’s time to make a dramatic exit. We know you planned every detail of your entrance, from who will walk you down the aisle to what song will be playing but don’t forget that a send-off from your friends and family can be just as exciting. It’s a very heartwarming moment, and depending on if you go traditional or modern can include anything from a champagne toast for the road (because you have a chauffeur) or the throwing of rice. While we’re imagining this fantasy, what kind of car are you getting into?

For the fanciest of brides, there is always the waiting limousine. Parked in front of the church it has the words “Just Married’ scrawled on the backseat and we know the partition is going to go up to let you and your husband have some much needed quiet time. A limo has been a staple of the fantasy wedding but we are pleased to see brides getting creative with their getaway cars. If you are having a romantic, fairytale wedding why not escape in an adorable vintage car? In the summer, roll the top down and wave good-bye to your wedding crowd as if you were a parade princess.

Or this could be a moment for your man to shine, as long as he’s laid off the cocktail he could whisk you away in his dream car. Rent the muscle-car that got away for one day so he can live his dream of driving a sweet car with a sweet girl. Or if he’s more of the Bond persuasion why not spend one day or one hour in an unattainable Aston Martin. He will feel like the secret agent who is about to whiz away into the sunset for his next mission.

Of course, for some brides a car just won’t do. Way too overdone. We have seen some spectacular wedding exits that involved everything from a hot-air balloon to a horse-drawn carriage!

Budget restrictions or lack of interest might prevent you from making a big to-do about your exit but we think it’s a fun and often neglected wedding tradition. Even if you and your new husband sneak away in your beat up sedan at least don’t forget the tin-cans!