It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

We’ve all heard the song, but how bad is it really to have rain on your wedding day?

by Crown Plaza Hollywood Beach Hotel via Flickr
by Crown Plaza Hollywood Beach Hotel via Flickr
It’s like rain on your wedding day” sings Alanis Morissette in her iconic song “Ironic” but is it really ironic or something more? To many brides rain on their wedding day can be a sign of disaster but we think it’s possible to keep a cool head. Whether you’re having an outdoor wedding (don’t worry, we can help!) or an indoor wedding there’s no need to let the grey skies make you blue.

Rain can seem like a much bigger deal if you’re having an outdoor wedding, of course that’s the risk of having an outdoor wedding. Rather than praying for clear skies or doing a rain dance in reverse, keep calm and carry on. When planning an outdoor wedding try a change of attitude. If you go in with the idea that your wedding only works if there’s sunshine then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Instead, try to plan two separate weddings so that you’ll be happy either way. We know that planning one wedding is hard enough but don’t worry, we’ll make planning two weddings easy. The best rain plan is a tent, which by the way, is also great shade too so you can use it in either wedding. Besides tents and umbrellas on hand, the other concern is your well-prepared look. You can opt for a shorter hemline to keep your dress dry, or a convertible hemline. Bustles can be pinned and dresses can be shortened temporarily to turn you into a rainy-day princess. Most all, keep smiles all around they make a great sunshine substitute.

For an indoor wedding it’s easier to stay warm and dry, but there are still a few details to worry over. Sure, a bride will always find a detail to worry over but when it comes to a rainy wedding day, we understand. The most important factor to consider for an indoor wedding is making sure your guests can get to and leave your venue without drowning. Providing an umbrella stand or asking a car or two to make rounds to help your guests is a very courteous way to keep them dry. Also if you were counting on your venue to provide a lot of natural light then it can get a bit doom and gloom without any rays of sunshine. You can keep unscented votives on hand, if you don’t end up using them for your wedding you won’t regret having them. If it rains candlelight always seems warm and inviting and will provide the light that was lost.

These ideas make such a lush wedding that maybe now, you will wish for rain!