Accessories & Add-Ons

Found your dream gown but feel like it needs just a little something more? Turn designer with sparkles, sashes and sew-on appliques.

Sometimes you turn and turn in a dress, thinking that it’s nearly perfect but it just needs a little something more. While many dresses are just right as they come there a few that could use some TLC. For the dress you are unsure of try imagining the accessories and add-ons that could put it over the edge into the land of total “must-have”. A talented seamstress and a dedicated bride can work together to find ways to add sparkle, delicate details or a show-stopping add-on. We can help give you that kind of inspiration with some of our favorite accessories, appliques and sashes.

Accessories aren’t just jewellry or purses, although the right combination of those kinds of accessories can really alter a dress. We’re talking more about brooches, appliques and sew-on additions. Accessories for your dress, not just for you. We love the idea of adding drops or pearls to a dress. Maybe across the bustline? Or maybe around the waist? Or perhaps just scattered all over the skirt? This silk-satin Kenneth Pool is definitely already gorgeous, but imagine the bust design with pretty pearl drops that spin in the light whenever you move? That’s the power of the add-on! Besides pearls, drops, and rhinestones we also like the idea of adding lines of buttons. How about from the dip of a low-back dress all the way down to the train? Creates an optical illusion that makes you seem tall and lean and beautiful.

If you want a less fuss alteration to your dress, something that’s not permanent or can be easily adjusted, then we always suggest a belt or sash. Our consultants are always on the hunt for new belts and sashes because it can totally transform a dress. Sashes can add a unique touch to plain gown, some sparkle to a sweet form or they can break up a heavily beaded dress for a more flattering fit. They are so multi-purpose and we have lots in stock! This chunky jeweled belt is a favorite. It adds glamour to any dress, it’s unique and chic and best of all it will give you a much lusted after hourglass physique.

Accessories, add-ons and alterations are a great way to make your dress your own. If you have any ideas about how to improve or make a dress more your style you should feel free to bring it up with our consultant or your seamstress. We’re definitely willing to work with you to hear all of your ideas!