Selling Your Gown

If you choose to sell your wedding gown, we can help.

Picture this. It’s been years since your wedding, you’ve moved houses, you’ve grown up, and your closet has been dramatically expanding. What are you going to do with that wedding gown? You can’t put it in the attic or the basement, it’s too precious for direct sunlight but you need that closet space. This, and many other reasons, are why brides are choosing more and more often to sell their wedding gowns after their wedding and Bridepower makes it easy.

We’ve heard a lot of great reasons for selling your gown. For some people it’s because they found a different gown for their wedding and they sell their first gown (often never-worn and in mint condition!) A lot of people will justify selling their wedding gown also by saying, “what else am I going to do with it?” and it’s a totally valid question. Wedding dresses have been passed down less and less often as fashions change rapidly and dresses actually don’t age well, or at least require quite a bit of care and preservation. It’s also eco-friendly to buy or sell a wedding gown, so if we’ve convinced you here’s how you can do it.

Log on to and find the “Sell A Gown” tab located and the end of the menu. Create an account, and feel free to peruse our FAQs for more advice on selling or buying a gown. This account will allow you to post listings, and we have the option of a free 30-day listing or a paid listing that lasts longer giving you more time to hype your dress. We recommend uploading a picture, or maybe more! Think about how discerning you were when you bought your dress and try to highlight some of the things you loved about it. Feel free to write a description and add any other notes you might feel are relevant.

As the seller you have complete control. Your contact information will not be posted, but you will be contacted through the site by interested parties. You can also determine your own price, although we recommend that you sell your gown for half the price you originally paid factoring in any alterations you might have made. That’s it!

So get ready for a shopping spree! Once you’ve sold your gown and made some room, you will have a great reason to get those shoes you’ve had your eye on.