Get Back in that Dress!

Wedding photos are definitely precious, but so is time with your friends and family on your wedding day. For a stress-free photo shoot, do it after the wedding!
Ask any newlywed about her wedding day and she will tell you that it just went by way too fast. Even brides that danced late into the night will say that day was just not long enough to see everyone and say everything. In the midst of all this excitement it can be hard to snag a moment alone with your new husband. It can be even harder to relax and pose for those special photos that you want to keep forever when you know all your friends and family are waiting for you. To relieve some of the pressure, couples are opting for a post-wedding photography session instead.

Come back from your honeymoon tanned, well-rested and get back into that dress! The biggest advantage of having a post-wedding photo shoot is that you won’t feel pressed for time. You can try sweet or silly poses to find a way to truly express your unique personality as a couple.

You can also get creative and choose a different venue for your photos than you had for your wedding. It could be somewhere as personal as your backyard, or as fun as a fairground, wherever you want! Think of the places you wished you could have gotten married but couldn’t fit your guest list and take your photos there. Post-wedding photo shoots are a great way to have the dream of a small intimate ceremony after a large church wedding, or even the other way around. The freedom that they offer will make the newlywed bliss last forever.

Another fun idea for a post-wedding photo shoot is to try a different hair and makeup look. You could go au-naturel so that you feel more like yourself rather than a stiff and styled updo, or you could go totally glam because you won’t have to worry about running late to your wedding. If you don’t want to spend money on hair and makeup again, get your bridesmaids together for an afternoon in front of the mirror. Haven’t you always felt like you did it best yourself anyways?

Don’t worry, having a post-wedding photo shoot doesn’t mean that you don’t take pictures at your wedding. It can just be an extension of your wedding album, or maybe even a great idea for a one-year anniversary. Anyways, do we really need to give you another excuse to get back into that beautiful gown?