Varying Bridesmaids Dresses

Watters Bridesmaids Dress

Variation in your bridesmaids dresses can be a great way to add pizazz to your wedding and to ensure happy bridesmaids.

Ah, the dreaded bridesmaids dress. You can’t just leave them in the back of your closet forever but you feel too guilty to donate them. Brides try to do their best in getting the bridesmaids involved but matchy-matchy dresses can be tossed to the wayside as close friends fear showing up to an event wearing the same dress or having it recognized from ubiquitous wedding photos. Reassure your worried bridesmaids by getting creative in choosing your dresses.

You’ve probably seen lots of shades of cream and ivory at other weddings but do not fear the accent colors. Beautiful colors to include besides traditional pinks and reds are blues and yellows. Whatever colors you decide on though, apply them liberally to bridesmaids dresses as well. Every dress does not need to be the same shade of lavender. Try a range of dresses that are subtly darker or lighter than the maid of honor dress, which could be in a bold, stand-out shade for added emphasis. You can have the same dress in different shades, or for the even funkier bride, a different dress for every bridesmaid, in a different color. Don’t worry that varying your bridesmaids dresses will be a headache for your groom, though. Solid color neckties are an easy way to coordinate and will probably make his best friends look more dashing than you have ever seen them look before.

Vows makes it easy to spice up the bridesmaid dress as all of our dresses are orderable. You can easily order the same dress in different shades or we will be happy to help you choose a variety of dresses to match your wedding palette. Try this WToo dress which is simple enough to look good in every color or this sweet Watters dress which will add a little sparkle to whatever color you choose to have it in.