Let Your Hair Down!

A tightly coiled bun looks great under a veil but untying and untwisting your hair can lead to soft, romantic curls for your reception. Here are some tips and reasons why you should let your hair down!

Everybody loves topknots sprinkled with rhinestones, soft chignons at the nape of your neck and curls piled high and cascading down to your shoulders especially when they are under a beautiful wedding veil. Updos are the most popular wedding hairstyle and that is probably because they look great with a lot of different gown styles and on a lot of different people. No matter your hair type or color, hairstylists can find the perfect twists and ties to turn your locks into a dramatic bun or knot. Well, once the wedding is over and the “I-Dos” have been said, we’ve got a great idea what you can do with all that hairspray!

Most bride have planned a laid-back reception that includes dancing into all hours of the nights. If this sounds like your wedding, why don’t you re-style your hair to match? Take down that tight updo (which can pull on your scalp and get irritating anyways) and brush through the curls for instant va-va-voom hair! Do you remember coming home from prom and unpinning the coiffure? I remember wishing I had those luscious locks at the dance instead of after! This day-after, textured look is all over magazines and beauty editorials and there are many products advertising this kind of look. You can go from traditional to modern by removing the half dozen bobby pins, maybe a spritz of dry shampoo or de-frizzing serum and a hairbrush.

Taking down your wedding ready up-do can make it seem like you had an entirely new hair and makeup session because it’s such a dramatic change when you really spent hardly any time or money at all. It can also set the mood and show that you’re now ready to socialize, mingle, relax and get into the groove for the reception. It will signal to people that the mood has changed and now it’s time to party! These are also the same reasons why many brides are opting for two different dresses for their weddings. A longer perhaps more elegant dress for the actual ceremony and a shorter, more chic dress for the reception. We can’t all afford two dresses or shear off our expensive dress hems though so transforming your hair and makeup are a more cost-effective way to achieve the same effect!

Talk to your hairstylist, or experiment at home. If you love the textured, teased wavy curls we’ll let you in on a little secret: they only get better the more you move and dance around!