A “Blush-ing” Bride

Opt for a blush colored gown to bring out your rosy new-bride glow.

“Color is going to be big for 2013”, says Gaby, one of our top consultants. She works with brides everyday and is keyed in to the latest trends in bridal fashion shows and on the market. She’s a great resource, but choosing a colored wedding gown is still such a big decision. “Brides usually come in knowing that they are looking for colored wedding gown, but many are surprised and will end up walking out of the store with one even if they had never considered the idea before”, says Jax another one of our consultants. Vera Wang, fan favorite wedding designer, has been playing with color for a few seasons now so much so that her latest collection didn’t feature even a single white dress. Designers are all for it, but could you take the plunge?

Blush is a great way to play into the trend without actually making that big of a commitment. Blush colored gowns are pinker than an ivory or champagne colored gown and are very flattering on a wide range of skin tones. Many brides shy away from blush colored gowns because the color can seem very dramatic on the racks, especially next to rows and rows of crisp white gowns. The pink hues in a blush colored gown will seem more subtle and charming on your body though, so we definitely recommend trying blush if you are toying with the idea of a colored wedding gowns.

Blush colored gowns will especially look great on you if you have fair skin or pink undertones in your skin. They will literally highlight that blushing effect and you will have a rosy glow all over in a blush colored gown. They are incredibly flattering on most people and can enhance your features and bring out any leftover summer tans. Blush colored gowns are very warm, making them especially great for summer or spring weddings. We would recommend an ivory or champagne color for winter weddings as it can bring a warm candle-light kind of feel, but a blush colored gown in heavy satin can also have a similar effect. There are gradations and shades of blush as well so there is a blush colored gown out there for you.

More than fit or style, color is probably the least variable option when it comes to choosing your wedding gown. We understand that white is traditional and symbolic but all signs point to color becoming a huge trend in the bridal industry. Blush is a great option because it isn’t very far away from white, but it will still give you the “wow factor” of a bride on the cutting edge of fashion. A blush gown is unique and memorable, and perfect for the unforgettable wedding, for some ideas check out two of our favorite blush wedding gowns. We love this jaw-dropping Vera Wang and this fast selling Allure orderable gown.