What’s Under Your Skirt?

by Mahalie Stackpole via Flickr
Brides are choosing more and more nontraditional footwear for their big day. Here are a few highlights, in case you’re thinking about hitchin’ up your skirt and showing off your gams.

One of our favorite wedding photos is the one of raised hemlines and bright shoes: the one where you finally get to see what’s under the skirt. More and more we’re seeing brides opting out of white silk heels or ivory satin pumps choosing something more nontraditional instead. We have seen everything from galoshes to cowboy boots beneath our lovely gowns, and we have to say, it’s pretty exciting!

The biggest trend in footwear, and the one we love the most, is good for an adventurous or more classic bride. We’re happy to announce that finally, flats are in! No more suffering through a long ceremony in heels or trying to dance in platforms. With a wide and beautiful selection of ballet flats, loafers, or even the slightest kitten heel there is no reason to buy killer stilettos that you can never wear again. Keep your ankles happy with bright, printed flats or add some sparkle with rhinestone studded loafers. Lots of designers now also sell shoe clips which are like accessories for your accessories! They come in lots of shapes and sizes and can dress up a plain pair of shoes.

Because long trains and busy hems can hide even the brightest pair of shoes, it’s a safe place to really let out your wild side. We have been loving the creative brides who wore everything from knee-hi galoshes to down home cowboy boots under their dresses. You can even get the entire bridal party involved! Nothing says, “this a fun wedding!” like bridesmaids in go-go boots. If you are looking for a more subtle touch, matching footwear is still doable. A bridal party all decked out in green shoes, even if they are elegant green shoes, is still a very cool touch. Don’t leave out the groom though! His shoes are more on display than yours but running blue laces through those dress shoes can make him feel a little bit closer to you.

So lift up those hems ladies! When strutting down the aisle, do it in style. Keep your feet cozy in flats and don’t be afraid to get a little “razzle-dazzle” with an eclectic pair of shoes. Just remember to take a picture for us!