Top Five Duties Of Being The Maid Of Honor

by Dave Oratox via Flickr

Being chosen by the bride to be her Maid of Honor is a huge deal! You should be very flattered. However, it also comes with some major duties and responsibilities. It is not something to be taken lightly, and if you feel like you are not up to the task or have the time, let the bride know so that she may choose someone who is. There are so many things that the maid of honor needs to do before, during, and even after the wedding. Below is a list of the top five duties to keep in mind. It will make the job easier for you and make the bride a happy gal!

1.      Gown shopping! If possible, this is very important to the bride. The wedding dress shopping can be overwhelming and the bride needs her maid of honor there to help her choose the right dress. Be honest with her and be patient. It make take several trips to different shops and lots on online browsing, but in the end, you will have had a hand in helping the bride look perfect on her big day.

2.      Take charge of pre-wedding events!  The maid of honor often plans the events such as the  bridal shower and bachelorette party. This takes lots of organizational skills and time, but can also be really fun! Don’t be afraid to ask the bridesmaids for their opinions, and especially for their help. The more hands on deck the better, but make sure you stay in charge to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

3.      Be the bride’s second hand “man!” On the wedding day, it is your soul duty to stay with the bride as much as possible. She will need help with her wedding gown, bridal accessories, make-up touch ups, and making sure the other bridesmaids are ready to rock and roll. Do as much as you can to take some of the wedding day stress of the bride.

4.      Toast to the happy couple! More than likely, the maid of honor will be asked to make a toast at the reception. So, be prepared! Have something thoughtful or even funny ready to go. If you need to, make some notes, but memorizing is always best. Be sure and share some personal stories to make it extra special.

Be there emotionally for the bride: Not only will the bride need help with material things, but she may need someone to talk to or lean on through the entire wedding process. Again, it can be stressful. So be there to listen and be supportive. This may be the most important duty of all.