Destination Inspiration Wedding

Can’t afford to travel to your dream destination for your wedding? Bring the inspiration home with you! Here are three weddings we dreamed up with travel on our minds.

by Regina Timoteo via Flickr
If we had all day to dream of the most perfect weddings, they would take place in every enchanting corner of the world but unfortunately in reality, destination weddings can be expensive. If you can’t afford to fly out your friends and family why not bring the destination home with you instead? We asked around our office and dreamed up some destination “inspired” weddings that could potentially happen right in your backyard.

Our intern, Lexie, thought of one of our favorite destination inspired weddings when she chose a Tuscan garden wedding. No need to check on plane tickets to Italy, why not try Boston’s North End? Try the brick patio of a beautiful restaurant or one of the many parks if you want to bring this garden wedding outside, but inside works just as well. Just make sure to keep the lights soft and romantic and under the stars is an added bonus. Everyone with Italian heritage knows that this kind of wedding should be centered around good food, lots of wine and of course family. The biggest plus of having a destination inspired wedding is that you have more flexibility with your guest list, invite everyone! Lexie has had her eye on this Vera Wang dress since it arrived in store, and it is the perfect complement for this dream wedding.

Jax, our newest consultant, does have the travel bug but has the perfect compromise for brides who have their hearts set on a destination wedding. “My family is Argentinian but the logistics and costs of having a wedding there make it almost impossible” she says, but she knows of a place right here in the US that reminds her of home. Montana’s majestic mountains are a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos and it is the perfect place for Jax to have the open-air ceremony of her dreams. To stay true to her heritage she wants big barbeques all around, nobody is leaving this wedding hungry and she wants her bridesmaids to definitely be sporting some practical cowboy boots. This Liv Harris sheath is the perfect mix of guacho and glam for Jax, an unlikely but stunning combination!

And we’ve saved the best for last, our sales assistant Maryah has come up with the fantasy wedding to end all weddings. We can’t all be princesses in white ball gown, and Maryah certainly is not. For the whimsical bride Maryah has come up with a Dia de los Muertos themed wedding that is a whirlwind of culture and excitement. “Of course I’m going to dye my dress black” she says and she has picked one of our favorite orderable Allure gowns that we have to admit would be ravishing in black. The dessert station will be overflowing with candy as a nod to the closely related holiday of Halloween but Spanish food for dinner will stay true to this destination inspiration.

Themed weddings are certainly a commitment but they can be a cost effective and memorable way to have the destination wedding of your dreams. Would you decorate your venue to mimic Paris or dye your dress to match Hawaii’s blue shores? We certainly thought about it!