Naughty and Nice

Is “sexy” even on the table when shopping for a wedding gown? How to find that happy medium between staying true to your style while looking classic and sophisticated on your wedding day.

It’s a rare bride who is browsing the racks for a “sexy” wedding dress. In fact, the word “sexy” isn’t something you ever hear in reference to a wedding dress, and yet wedding dresses can be very, very sexy. Just in a traditional way, so that they are still classy and elegant. So how can you stay true to your style (which admittedly is modern and chic and maybe loves a sweetheart neckline) without giving your grandmother a heart attack?

We have found here at Vows that many brides will shy away from plunging necklines. We have several beautiful designs that show off that luscious shoulder and neck area–and yes, a little cleavage, but they can make many brides truly blush. A “v-neck” style such as this Allure dress can be incredibly flattering, but many brides find them a little too revealing. Luckily expert seamstresses can add fabric or pull the front of the dress together in a way to add a little coverage, but we also want to say that if you’re comfortable with it, go for it! It’s 2012, you can show a little skin! Especially if you wear your hair down, or pair with a bolero, necklace or even silk scarf. We have seen many creative ideas come from these sexy necklines so the modern bride shouldn’t shy away from these beautiful dresses.

If a deep neckline is too much for you or for your family, we have found that a great way to stay chic is to find the perfect fit. We love fitted lace dresses, especially with a trumpet or flare silhouette. When a dress fits perfectly, it can be incredibly alluring and dare we say it, sexy? If you’ve put in long hours at the gym or you love a skinny jean you don’t need to hide yourself away in a shapeless gown. Try a corset top to emphasize gorgeous curves or drop waists to really define your back.

Speaking of your back, you can take the plunge the other way by trying a deep or low back. The back of this Maggie Sottero dress isn’t very deep but the draping and buttons draw attention to the shapeliness of your back. The back of the dress can be sexy, without drawing too much attention or being inappropriate. This Priscilla of Boston dress takes it to another level for the more daring bride. Not only does it have a low back but the dramatic addition of fabric shows off some of your best assets.

Sheer lace, cutouts, or well-placed draping are other ways to feel beautiful in your wedding gown without making you feel uncomfortable. Ultimately your wedding dress should be a reflection of you and your style. If that’s a little bit sexy, don’t be afraid! Shop around and work with a seamstress to cover up, undo and find the perfect fit so that you feel sexy, beautiful and truly yourself.