Romona Keveza – A Luxury Fashion Designer

Romona Keveza is a luxury fashion designer best known for her collection of luxurious bridal gowns. Keveza’s gowns are easily distinguishable by her use of color, as she has designed gowns in a variety of colors including champagne, gold, blue, pink and green. Her style can be decribed as timeless and classic, as she draws inspiration for her designs from what has been historically popular and her dresses have a uniquely vintage charm.

Romona Keveza - Designer of Legends collection
Romona Keveza – Luxury Fashion Designer

Dramatic pleating, ruffling and bunching characterizes the skirts of Keveza’s dresses, while the bodices are generally simple and sophisticated. Her Legends collection draws inspiration from famous Hollywood starlets throughout time, including Audrey Hepburn. The collection features everything from short, bubble skirts to dramatic, flowing trains. Jeweled straps, puffed sleeves, detailed necklines and layered fabrics make the gowns in her Legends collection both elegant and timeless. Romona Keveza aims to create dresses that will still be in style 20 years after their release, so none of her gowns reflect current trends.

In addition to glamorous embellishing, Keveza has a variety of gowns that are accessorized to stand out. Oversized ribbon belts, crisp lace overlays, lace fronted necklines and dramatic one-shouldered tea dresses have found their way into her collections. Her dresses cater to women of every shape, size and personality, making it easy for any bride to find the dress of her dreams within Keveza’s boutiques.