Sweet Sparkle

Meaningful jewelry on your wedding day is a sweet way to feel like your loved ones are close at all times, even amid all the stress and chaos.

Looking for that “something borrowed”? Missing your man amid all the pre-wedding chaos? Add some sweet sparkle to your wedding day by considering sentimental jewelry to complement your gown. Just think of how you can’t help but smile every time you look at your engagement ring, that effect can be doubled and tripled by choosing meaningful accessories for your gown.

Start off by raiding the attic. Heirloom pieces can not only add a vintage element to your ensemble but you could find something beautiful you never even knew existed. Even if it is just costume jewelry, it can become something more if it belonged to a beloved family member who cannot attend the wedding. A necklace can be a big commitment but a bracelet is subtle and charming in your wedding photos. When everyone asks where it’s from (and they will!), it is going to feel so great to say it was passed down from someone special.

Of course, we can’t all be so lucky as to have treasures undiscovered in our family heritage. Another great idea is handmade jewelry. We’re not talking bead sets from the 80s, but you would be surprised how easy delicate drop earrings are to make, or what a difference a DIY brooch can make. If you don’t know anyone crafty in particular why not get the whole bridal party involved? Take a jewelry making class with your bridal party and every bridesmaid can show off matching monogrammed rings as wedding souvenirs. It’s a great chance to learn something new!

We got this idea from the many brides who shared touching stories behind their sparkly jewels. A wedding is a celebration of you and your love, so don’t be afraid to get personal!