4 Unique Spring Weddings Trends for 2013

Wedding trends come and go and often as the seasons. Lots of brides love to follow the trends that are out of the ordinary, and spring weddings are the perfect way to do that. From the décor to the attire, spring weddings aren’t just about pastel colors, lots of flowers, and formal occasions. Now, there are new ideas that will make your big day stand out from the typical spring wedding. Below are some unique ideas that might interest you.

Wedding Trends for Spring Time
If you’re planning a Spring wedding, you might want to consider doing something out of the norm, such as a flowerless event.

Greenhouses: Greenhouses are a great place to hold a wedding ceremony. They are usually already stocked with greenery for a beautiful setting, or even if they are not, the sheer glass surroundings make for something really special and whimsical. Another plus is the practicality. It is like having an outdoor wedding but without the thread of bad weather on your wedding day. Where do you find a greenhouse to rent? Browse online or search your local florists or farmers markets.

Flowerless: Yes, you heard it right… a spring wedding without flowers. Many couples are opting for eco-friendly weddings these days and flowers are something they don’t feel are necessary to make for stunning wedding décor. Some great substitute ideas are branches decorated with twinkle lights. You can leave them in their natural for or paint them to match the scheme of your chosen colors. Recycled paper can be used to make floral-like decorations as well. Also, candles and more candles are a big trend. Candle centerpieces can be just as pretty and are far less expensive than fresh flowers.

Casual Chic: Casual chic spring weddings are exactly as they sound. Out with the formal weddings and in with casual weddings such as a backyard wedding, lakeside wedding, park wedding and more. With today’s economic times, couples are cutting down on the guest list and making spring weddings more intimate, yet keeping them chic by using some of the above ideas. Close family and friends can feel special this way, and the best thing… less stress!

Forget the colors! Gasp! No color scheme at a spring wedding? Yes, it can be done and is being done. Right down to the wedding gown, brides are choosing colored wedding dresses, mismatched bridesmaids dresses, or even keeping an all white and ivory theme for a fabulous vintage springtime look. Don’t let traditional rules bog you down. Just keep it fun!