Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

Though the wedding dress tends to get the most attention, it is the accessories that really make the bride’s wedding day look memorable. With the right accessories, such as jewelry, head wear, wedding veils, shoes, and the like, a bride can take a wedding dress ensemble from beautiful to stunning.

Accessories are designed to complement a wedding dress, not take away from the beauty of it. For this reason, it is important to make sure that they do not overshadow the dress. For example, if you have a simple A-line dress, you will likely want to make most of the jewelry you wear simple as well. This does not mean, however, that you cannot have a silver tiara that grabs the eyes as soon as people see you.

Adding a splash of brightly colored material has become a popular way for brides to create their own look while still wearing a traditional wedding dress. A belt or sash that matches the color scheme of the bridesmaids is a brilliant way to tie in the look of the entire wedding party. Or try wearing a dress with pastel-colored layers of taffeta skirting in the same colors as the wedding party for a festive yet understated look.

Wedding veils are still worn by a good portion of today’s brides. Rather than wearing some type of headpiece, these brides choose to wear a veil. This allows them to have a romantic look that they can customize to their own liking. When wearing a veil, for example, a bride can choose to have it over her face as she walks down the aisle or she can choose to wear the veil pulled back over the head for a more ethereal look.

Accessorizing the right shoes for the wedding dress, veil, and jewelry can sometimes seem difficult. In many cases, it is necessary to have the shoes dyed to match the exact coloring of the wedding dress. Be sure to allow plenty of time to find someone who is experienced in the dyeing of shoes for this purpose.

When you are shopping for the accessories for your wedding dress, try to take along at least one extra pair of eyes. This person can help you decide if the various accessories you are considering work with the look you are trying to convey. They can also point out different things you might not be able to notice as you try on the various components that make up your wedding ensemble.