Top 3 Reasons for Choosing a Destination Wedding

Destination Hotel Wedding Gown
If you’re still in the beginning planning stages of your wedding, you should definitely consider a traveling.
Many couples shy away from destination weddings because they think they are not within their reach or they are super pricey. This is not the case. These days, the definition of a destination wedding has changed for the better. Each year they become more and more popular, and with good reason.

So, if you thought a destination weddings just aren’t for you, you might want to think again. Below are the top three reasons why to go this route.

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1. Destinations weddings don’t’ have to be far away!
Contrary to popular belief not all destination weddings need take place in another country or on the beach. Of course if you live close to the beach, that is a plus, but not everyone does. A destination wedding can be by a lake in a nearby town. Or, think of a place within your area that you have always loved… perhaps a rustic castle, a beautiful farm, a bustling park. As long as it is not your typical wedding venue it can be a destination wedding can be anywhere you want. Go where your imagination takes you.

2. Destinations weddings can be much less stressful!
Destination weddings take away much of the stress drama associated with traditional church weddings. However, you must start planning early. It is recommended that you start searching for your location at least a year in advance, even before that if it is a larger affair. If it is a venue where you must pay, this will allow you to do a payment plan if allowed. And, in general, the venues are less expensive. If your wedding is in a public place, don’t forget to get permission from the local town. It doesn’t take long and is a much easier process than say a reserving a banquet hall or other traditional venue. Furthermore, you are free to choose who caters the wedding. This will give you time to search for the best deals instead of being forced into taking what another venue might have to offer.

3. Destination weddings can save you money!
It’s true! Sticking to a strict budget is often very stressful for couples. However, the affordability destination weddings have made this option increasingly popular for many couples pinching their pennies. If you indeed go for a beach wedding, look for all-inclusive deals for you and your guests. Also, in general, destination weddings have a smaller guest list, which brings the price of every single detail in the wedding down. So, why not go for it!

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