Vera Wang – The Red Carpet Designer

Designer Vera Wang PhotoVera Wang started her career as an editor within Vogue Magazine, where she worked for an incredible 16 years. She then took a two year leave of absence from Vogue and moved to Paris, before continuing her career at Ralph Lauren. Vera then decided to open her own business in the early 1990’s, but the idea to create wedding dresses started several years before that. Vera was engaged and searching for the perfect wedding dress, but during the weeks of searching, she came to the conclusion that all of the dresses had the same basic concept and feel about them—nothing allowed the bride to truly stand out.

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As Vera enjoyed the rapid success of her wedding gown company, she decided that she would expand her line to offer more than just wedding dresses. She has introduced clothing lines for formal evening wear, and is one of the most sought after designers for red carpet events worldwide. She has also created costumes for professional and Olympic figure skaters, in an effort to reconnect with her childhood passion of figure skating. She has worked with figure skaters such as Nancy Kerrigan and Michelle Kwan, and has also had some of her work showcased on Monday Night Football, when she created cheer-leading uniforms for the Philadelphia Eagles team.

Vera Wang has since expanded her reach to numerous other avenues, including jewelry, perfumes and cologne. Sarah Jessica Parker was one of the first actresses to show off the new Vera Wang jewelry collection during the 2003 Emmy Awards. The designs are meant to accentuate the natural beauty of her clothing lines without overwhelming the wearer. In 2004, she introduced her silver gift lines. These included products such as flat-ware and other notable wedding gifts that reflect the creative genius that has been synonymous with all of the Vera Wang collections to date. Still, with all of these new endeavors, nothing can compare to her collection of bridal gowns.

The Vera Wang Spring Collection of 2012 reflected a bit of a darker note, when she cited Alice in Wonderland as a type of theme. It still has the traditional airy and relaxed look and feel that Vera Wang is known for, while offering nipped waist lines. As usual, her designs compliment a wide range of tastes, showcasing skirts and dresses that had a lower cut to the front of the designs while the rear portion of the piece had longer tails that often times got referenced as ‘billowing trails of smoke’ as the models moved. This angular cut is setting trends for the current and forthcoming seasons, lending a modern and contemporary edge to her otherwise flowing designs.