Five Ways to De-stress Before Your Wedding

Stretching and Exercising to Relieve Stress
There are many ways to reduce stress before a big event, but perhaps two of the best are yoga (stretching) and exercising.
The days leading up to your wedding day can be some of the most stressful times in a bride’s life. The worry and mental fatigue can really take a toll.

There are a thousand one things running through your mind—is your wedding gown ready? Are the caterers all set? Are you bridesmaids’ dresses ok? Is your groom ok? Just to name a few. But, don’t fret.

There are five magical ways to help de-stress before your wedding. Start these tips at least a few weeks in advance to feel relaxed, calm and ready for the big day.

Five Things Most Brides Forget to Do on The Big Day

1. Massage: Researchers have shown that getting a massage once a week before your wedding can reduce stress greatly, whether it be mental or physical. This can get pricey, so even if you can get one a week before your wedding you won’t regret it. Talk to the therapist about what type of massage is best for you. They may suggest a Swedish massage for general relaxation or a deep tissue massage to work out your muscles.

2. Yoga: Whether you do it at home via a DVD or take a class, a month before the wedding, or even sooner, is the perfect time to take up yoga. It relaxes the body and mind. Studies have also shown that yoga boosts confidence, hence, making a happier bride. And the benefits of toning your muscles will help you look fantastic and buff in your wedding gown!

3. Meditation: To de-stress the mind, meditation is a great option. There are tons of CDs available so that you can practice at home. There are also meditation classes for those who can afford them. Just 10 minutes of mental meditation today will help to calm your mind and center yourself. You will feel the stress of the days melt away.

4. Exercise: This may be a no brainer, but exercise is very important before your wedding. If you are not in an exercise routine, start by simply taking a 20-minute walk every day. Lots of brides go to the gym, but that is not the only option. Any type of body movement will help clear you and strengthen your body.

5. Reading: Take a time out during your chaotic planning to have some “you” time. A book is a fantastic way to transport you to another world and get your mind off the big day for a while. Reading at night will help a bride to get that escape, as well as sleep well.

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