Why are Vera Wang’s Wedding Gowns So Popular?

Vera Wang is hands down the most popular, well-known, and sought-after wedding gown designer in the world. Whether you are a celebrity or a bride on a budget, wearing Vera Wang on your wedding day is something lots of ladies dream of. Below are some main reasons brides go gaga for Vera’s beautiful creations!

Designer Vera Wange Wedding Gowns for Sale
When taking a close look at the materials, cuts, fabrics, and overall design of a Vera Wang wedding gown, it’s no wonder her dresses are in such high demand.
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Reputation: Vera’s reputation is very high and she is a well-respected bridal designer. To wear a Vera Wang gown makes a bride feel special. She is also known to be a great lady who has worked hard to get where she is. She gives graciously to charities and is an all-around dedicated specialist in her craft.

Quality: The quality of Vera Wang gowns is top priority to Vera herself. She is known for using only the best of the best when it comes to every aspect of every single gown designed.

Variety of colors: With colored gowns being all the rage, it is no wonder that Vera is responsible for this trend and is not afraid to step outside the box for whatever she sees as beautiful and bride-worthy.

Fabric detailing: The detailing on a Vera Wang wedding gown is simply amazing. Each and every cut on the dress is done by hand. Razor cut fabric has grown to be a Vera trademark, and nobody can seem to copy the stunning results it achieves. Also, the beading on the dresses is spectacular, meticulous, and breathtaking. Finally, let’s not forget about the fabulous lace that Vera has recently been highlighting. The quality and pattern is amazing, and any bride that loves lace will find something to cheer about.

Modern design: It is no secret that Vera Wang caters toward the modern bride, yet still manages to maintain a traditional bridal look to those who want that as well. Each year her masterful designs are the ones to look for on every bridal runway. She paves the way for today’s bride and for bridal fashion by being on top of her game and giving brides edgy yet chic choices.

Affordable: Some may not think of a Vera Wang gown and think affordable. However, Vera has realized the importance of having her designs available to a bride on any budget. Recently, she launched a line at David’s Bridal called “White by Vera Wang.” In this line, it is possible to find a stunning Vera Wang original for around $1000. Her bridesmaid’s dresses also have the reputation of being affordable—with some starting at just $200.

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