Wedding Reception Trends: Unique Ideas

Weddings are always evolving, whether it be a wedding gown style, ceremony ideas, or overall décor of the big day. These days, brides and grooms are really getting into thinking of their guests and what will make the wedding more enjoyable for them. There are constantly new ideas popping up when it comes to the wedding reception and how to make the most of it. Below are some of the hottest and unique ideas happening in weddings today.

Wedding Recption Good Night Station
A good night station is a great way to say thanks to your guests by offering up a sweet treat before guests leave.

DIY Décor: With so many couples being on a tight budget, DIY décor projects have sky rocketed in popularity. They can be just as charming and lovely as something that is bought, and you have the bragging rights to go with it. Think of making your own centerpieces, such as the rustic-inspired branch that can be dressed up or kept very natural. Another trendy reception décor idea is to set up a photo booth so that your guests can have a photo of their own for this special occasion. If you go the DIY route, they are super affordable!

Wedding Childcare: Wedding sitters or wedding childcare is a wonderful service to offer your guest who have small children. The sitters are provided by vendors who specialize in weddings. This is a great way to keep kids entertained while allowing their parents actually get to enjoy the wedding. Make sure if you do decide to hire wedding sitters, that you check the reputation of the company and the care givers. You want them to be top-notch.

Good Night Stations: This is something fairly new, yet so much fun. It is a wonderful way to end the wedding reception and your guests will be sure to love it. Right before the close of the ceremony, offer your guests a goodbye treat of sorts. Unique ideas include a back-in-the-day ice-cream truck parked outside serving soft serve or other goodies to guests as they leave a summer wedding reception. Or, hire a cool food truck serving mini pizzas, French fries, burgers, donuts , etc. Nothing like a midnight snack to send your guests on their way.

Candy Buffet: As the guests are leaving, have a table set up with loads of different hard candies, gums, etc. Put each of them in a large glass bowl (to make it look attractive and inviting) and provide scoops and cellophane bags for your guests to load up with on their way out the day. It is a very colorful and very inexpensive.

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