Vintage bridal jewelry trends: What are your options?

The vintage wedding movement has exploded over the last few years. Brides are yearning for the look and feel of days gone by and old-world charm; the days when things were simple, beautiful and meaningful. With the selection of genuine and reproduction bridal jewelry you can look like you just stepped out of the 1930s or 1940s with just a few accessories. Even if you dress is very simple, a little vintage flair goes a long way. Below are some lovely vintage bridal jewelry pieces and styles you will see while shopping. Make sure you choose something that truly fits your personality!

Vintage Wedding Jewelry
Choosing vintage wedding jewelry to wear at your wedding is an elegant way to accessorize your wedding ensemble.
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Necklaces: Vintage necklaces or vintage-style necklaces include some timeless yet striking styles. May brides want their bridal jewelry to be understated, so they choose a simple strand of pearls, or they layer several strands. Cameo necklaces are for the bride who really wants her look to scream vintage. They are available in so many sizes and silhouettes that are just stunning. Finally, chokers are a great choice. They are also widely available and pearl and rhinestone jokers tend to be the most popular and have more of the vintage look.

Earrings: There are basically two types of vintage earrings that are true to the era. First, there are studs. They can be small subtle pearls or larger clusters of pearls and dazzling rhinestones. Secondly there are drop earrings. The vintage style drop earring borders on being a small chandelier look. With reproductions, a material called rhodium is often used, and it resembles a pewter or antique silver. Gold drop earrings are abundant and gold definitely reflect the vintage feel, more so than bright silver. Drop earringsĀ tend to be very detailed and ornate.

Bracelets: Vintage bridal bracelets are usually delicate and dainty, and most brides prefer pearls. However, there is also the option of a large, again, cameo bracelet if you want to use the bracelet as your statement piece. It is not recommended to have both a cameo necklace and bracelet. You might be headed toward vintage overkill, which takes away the uniqueness.

Brooches: Vintage bridal brooches are everywhere, and they are indeed one of the most popular jewelry choices. They come made with rhinestones, pearls and of course, cameos. Brides love brooches because they are so versatile. Try wearing one on the sash of your wedding dress, or even in your hair. Get creative!

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