Popular Themed Weddings: What is trending now?

Themed weddings are everywhere these days. Couples want to express their likes and personalities through their weddings by following a certain theme, whether it be a holiday-themed, seasonal or just something they are passionate about in general. There are tons of options from which to choose. It is a good idea to sit down your better half and talk about what direction you want to go in. Also, don’t forget about budget! Some themed weddings can be price to decorate, etc. So you want to make sure you planning accordingly. Below are some popular themed weddings couples are going for today.

Themed Wedding on the Beach
Having a theme for your wedding is a fun way to celebrate the occasion and get your guests more involved in the festivities.

Winter wonderland weddings: Winter weddings are gaining in popularity. One reason is that it tends to be a cheaper time of year to rent a venue, etc. However the main reason is couples love the winter wonderland-themed wedding. The décor can be breathtaking. Think snowflakes, sparkling ice sculptures, fluffy white “snow” and colors such a blues and silvers.

Halloween weddings: Couples choose Halloween-themed weddings because they simply love the holiday. And what a fun way to decorate a wedding. Think haunted house meets the beauty of fall. Think oranges, blacks, chocolate browns that incorporate leaves with cobwebs, carved pumpkins, a ghostly photo booth and so much more.

Medieval weddings: Lots of couples are really into medieval-themed weddings. The dramatic appearance of this kind of wedding is just so whimsical and the décor can be just stunning—right down to the wedding dress and groom’s attire. Think jousting knights and suits of armor. Decorate with medieval masks and lots of luxurious fabrics in bold colors!

Beach weddings: An oldie but a goody, the beach-themed wedding is here to stay. Some couples go for this theme even if they are not even near an ocean—they simply pretend they are! You can do so by incorporating lots of little décor touches such as sand, shells, sailboats, and beach chairs. Trendy colors are blues, whites, and greens—especially turquoise.

Hollywood weddings: Oh yes, the bride that loves the glitz and glamour also loves a great Hollywood-themed wedding. This type of wedding is where “more is more.” Think tons of bling, director’s chairs, feather boas, movie titles, ticket stubs and more. This theme is wide open and can even be narrowed down to a particular era of film, like the 1940s or 1950s. Get creative with it!

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