Winter Weddings… The Pros & Cons

Winter weddings are no longer last in line when it comes to picking that perfect time of year for your big day. They have been gaining popularity over the last decade and the trend doesn’t seem to want to slow down. Brides are realizing that spring and summer are not the only options and that a winter wedding can be a great alternative. As with any time of year, there are pros and cons. Below is a rundown in case you are considering the winter months for your wedding day.


Winter Wedding Bride and Groom
There are many benefits to getting married in the winter months, including the fact that fewer people choose this time, which reduces many costs, such as travel and catering.

Beautiful decorative choices: Winter is a lovely time of year to take advantage of soft sparkling colors and unique flowers. The most popular colors trending today are light blues (to reflect ice) mixed with silver for a look that is super inviting and very calming. The obvious choice is to incorporated snowflakes, and they are indeed beautiful, but also think icicles and a winter wonderland. Other colors include red and green, especially of the wedding is around the holidays.

Better prices: Winter events tend to be a little less expensive when it comes to renting a reception hall or venue space. Because the spring and summers are so packed, it is also easier to find one that is not booked.

Guest availability: Lots of people take time off around the holidays in the winter. This could work to your advantage as far as making sure your guests will be able to attend.

Wedding gown selection: Designers have seen the demand for winter wedding dresses and really made them extra special. The use of heavier, sumptuous fabrics such as satin make for a beautiful wedding gown. Gowns with sleeves are also a huge trend and are perfect for a winter wedding.


Questionable travel conditions: Traveling in the winter, depending on your location, can be unpredictable with snow and ice storms. So, if you have people flying or driving long distances you stand the chance of delays, cancellations and airport headaches. Icey roads are not something you want your family and friends to be on either. So, think this through before making a decision.

Climate: Depending on where you live, it is going to be cold! Is the cold something you can handle as a bride and groom? Something your guests are comfortable with? More things to consider.

Higher travel prices for guests: It is a fact that around the holidays air travel prices and gas prices tend to increase—sometimes quite drastically. This could definitely keep out-of-town guests from attending your wedding.

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