Easy DIY Wedding Favors: Top Three Ideas

Attentions DIY brides on a budget! Are you looking for affordable yet personal favors to give to your guests on your wedding day? The DIY rage has really gotten the creative juices flowing in brides and grooms—especially if they are on a budget. So, instead of ordering cookie cutter favors for your friends and family, think of ways to show them you really care to take the time and make the favors yourselves. There are lots of easy options that can really show your personality. Below are three of the most popular ideas trending today.

Edible favors: Edible favor ideas are abundant to say the least. There are so many edible wedding favor options. However, some newer trends have to come to the forefront and really stand out. For example, jarred favors are all the rage. Think a cookie mix or brownie mix in a mason jar wrapped in a decorative bow. Another great option is, if you don’t mind the time to do so, homemade jams and jellies. These are great because they can be seasonal—i.e., strawberry jam for summer, mint jellies for the winter, etc. Also, they don’t have to be large—smaller is fine. The key is the packaging. Even printed labels from your home computer can turn plain into personable and spectacular.

Decorative soaps: This may seem like something you would buy instead of make, but actually, homemade soap kits are abundant and very affordable—much more so than just ordering them. Plus, you have the added feature of adding anything you want from a decorative view. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, put a tiny seashell in the middle of each soap to tie in your theme. If you are having a more formal wedding, may stud the soaps with tiny beads. The possibilities are endless. Finally, a simple clear wrapping with a jazzy ribbon will make it a favor that no guest will forget.

Keepsake stones: Keepsake stones are great because of the affordability factor and the fact that you can personalize each one. They can be used as paperweights or just a decorative item for the guests after the weddings. If you love nature, go out and gather different stones in the desired size you want. Just make sure you have a big enough stone to write on. After that, you can either used a paintbrush, stencils, etc. to personalize it. Maybe the name of the guest? Maybe the word “love” or another that has special meaning to you. Be creative. Your guests are sure to cherish these favors.

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