Wedding invitations: Important Tips to Remember

Choosing the perfect invitations that fit the theme and style of your wedding are very important. Remember, wedding invitations should be sent out six to eight weeks prior to the wedding. The earlier you start the process, the better, so begin thinking about invitations, addresses, etc. about four to six months prior to sending them out is a good idea. With that said, whether you choose to custom order them, order an invitation kit, or make them yourselves, there are things to consider that you might want to include in them. Below is a handy checklist to keep in mind.

Tips for Sending Wedding Invitations
Wedding invitations are a key aspect of most weddings, especially ones with a lot of guests, so follow these helpful tips to ensure yours go out on time, get delivered, and guests RSVP.

All invites should include:

• The actual invitation with names, date, time and location. Be specific.

• All reception information, including location and parking information if applicable.

• An RSVP with specified return date. Always include the return envelope with paid postage. Some couples are doing this online, but traditionally, it is paper.

Optional choices, but good to have:

• Provide directions for the ceremony and reception space. Guests will then be able to avoid the hassle of mapping out the event, hence making them more receptive to accept. It shows courtesy and thoughtfulness.

• You could also include a map with the destinations pinpointed. This can easily be done online and printed in bulk.

• If some of your guests are traveling from out of town, providing them with accommodation information in and around the area is a great idea. Be sure to include phone number for the hotels, motels, B&Bs for easy reservation making.

Going all out, also option but very thoughtful:

• Think about providing an itinerary for the weekend, especially if your wedding is very formal and includes a night before reception dinner. This won’t take long to type up and it will keep everything organized and avoid confusion.

• Provide your out-of-town guests a “Things to do in the Area” insert. Chances are, if they have travelled from a far distance, they plan on staying more than one night. So, take the time give them some local information such as great dining spots, suggested movie theaters, sightseeing tips, etc. They are sure to appreciate it.

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