Wedding Gown Silhouettes and What they Say About You

The wedding gown style you choose for one of the most important days of your life says a great deal about your personality and individuality. One can tell a bride’s character from the more than just the theme or venue of a wedding. The bridal ensemble speaks volumes, and the cut of the wedding dress is the main statement piece. Below are the six top bridal silhouettes and what they may say about you if you choose to wear that particular one.

Choosing a Wedding Gown
With so many dress styles, cuts, and silhouettes available to choose from, it’s not always easy to choose the perfect wedding gown.

Mermaid: Mermaid style gowns are very fitted and flare out around or below the knee. They are also known as fit and flare or trumpet style. When a bride rocks this look, it shows a love of statement style and of their own bodies. Not every bride can pull this look off, so it also conveys a great deal of confidence.

A-line: A-line wedding gowns are probably the most popular dress overall. The design is more fitted toward the top with a more flowing skirt. The fullness of the skirt ranges widely and depends on the bride’s personal taste. A bride that wears an A-line gown shows she is sensible and classic, yet with a bit of an edge.

Empire: Empire gowns are very popular for casual weddings-especially beach weddings, garden weddings, or any type of outdoor event. The empire style refers to the high waist, which hits right under the bust. It is a choice that flatters all body types as it flows freely away from the body with no real tight fit anywhere. A bride who chooses and A-line shows a sense of whimsy. She may be free-spirited and care-free, along with a touch of romance.

Sheath: A sheath gown, like the mermaid gown, is a tight fitting dress that is not for all brides. It is semi to very fitted all the way down. Again, choosing a sheath dress shows your love of modern styles and sleek lines, as well as the want to show your figure. Confidence exudes from the bride in this type of frock.

Ball gown: Ball gown have really raised in popularity this year. They are so popular because they are super flattering for all body types. They are fitted at the time, with a cinched waist, with a very full skirt which gives the illusion of a tiny waist. Brides that wear a ball gown show a love of fairytales, romance and tradition.

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