Should You Use a Wedding Planner? What to Expect

Don’t have the time or creativity to plan your own wedding? Wedding planners or wedding consultants provide super creative ideas, help plan and organize the wedding from start to finish, and take a great deal of stress off the happy couple. So, if a wedding planner is within your budget, go for it. Just be aware that the fees can be hefty—usually they charge 10% to 20% of the cost of the overall wedding. There are loads of wedding planners out there from which to choose, so be sure you do your research and check references before choosing one.

Wedding Planner Benefits
There are many benefits to hiring a professional wedding planner, most notably, they relieve a lot of stress.

Many wedding planners will have a web site with customer reviews. This is an awesome resource to check out. Suggestions from family members and friends are also helpful.

What to expect from a wedding planner? What will they help do for you?

Finding the perfect venue: Wedding planners know all of most popular wedding spots, as well as the ones that may be off the beaten path. Depending on your direction, they will find the perfect fit for you.

Helping you find that perfect wedding dress: Yes, ladies, the wedding planner will also help you find THE wedding gown for your big day. He or she will make sure it reflects the formality and venue of the wedding.

Hiring caterers and planning menu: This is a great help from wedding planners. They are in the know with reputable caterers that make delicious food. They also know what these caterers charge and can choose one that is within your budget.

Finding musicians: Simply give the planner an idea of what type of music you like, and he or she will find the perfect fit—whether it be a DJ or a band.

Choosing a florist: Ah, yes, the ever popular flowers at a wedding. With a wedding planner, you won’t need to waste time searching for the right one. They will not only suggest and help you choose the flowers, but book the florist.

Details regarding overall theme: This makes for a stress-free day for a bride and groom. The little details can get out of hand—with a wedding planner, there are no worries.

Wedding ceremony procession: Your wedding planner will ensure that the ceremony flows smoothly and on time. He or she will direct every member of your wedding party.

Transportation on the big day: Whether it is a limo or horse and carriage, he or she will make sure it is booked and on time.

Keeps wedding within budget: This may be the most important wedding planner task. So many couples get carried away and end up spending way too much than originally planned. This won’t happen if you hire a great wedding planner.

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