The Bridal Bouquet: What style is right for you?

Bridal bouquets are the ultimate bridal accessory when walking down the aisle on the big day. If you are having a hard time figuring out what styles and flowers are best for you, think about your wedding gown. What style is it? What does it reflect about you? Below are some tips to finding the right bridal bouquet for you!

Wedding Flowers for the Occassion
When deciding on which flowers to use for your bridal bouquet, take into consideration your wedding gown color and overall wedding theme.

The Traditional Bride: The bride who loves a classic style looks for bouquets that are timeless, elegant and understated. Simple round bouquets wrapped in silk are a great fit. White and cream flowers, such as roses, are also ideal.

The Romantic Bride: The bride who loves dreamy displays with a sentimental touch should go for a bit more of a dramatic look. Think a slightly cascading bouquet that includes reds, pinks, and whites. Pansies and Peonies work really well with this type of bouquet, especially when the stems are wrapped in lace.

The Hollywood Glam Bride: The bride who loves to sparkle and look dramatic can go all out on the bouquet (just make sure it does not clash with your wedding gown). Dark colors like purples, scarlet’s and oranges are best for a glammed up look. Orchids, calla lilies, and tulips come in these vibrant colors and will look stunning in a sleek bouquet adorned with bouquet jewelry.

The Contemporary Bride: The modern bride looks for styles that are minimalist and trendy. In short, chic styles rule. Green and blue flowers or monochromatic designs would be ideal for the bouquet. Daisies, tulips, and orchids would fit the bill just beautifully. Use a black satin to tie the stems and it will give it an even sleeker look.

The Bohemian Bride: The bohemian bride looks for styles that are enchanting and whimsical. Also, they look for bouquets that give off a feel of nature. Oversized flowers a loosely arranged bouquet would work wonderfully. Think greens, oranges and earth tones for this type of bouquet. Or, mix a variety of different wildflowers and sunflowers for a very organic look.

The Beach Bride: The bride who loves the beach wants a relaxed and simple-looking bouquet. Colors could include pale blues, greens, yellows and even whites for a very breezy look. Don’t worry about structuring the bouquet, as you want it to look very natural. Think daisies, gardenias, and narcissuses flowers to achieve the beach look you want.

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