2012’s Top Two Wedding Designers: Vera Wang and Oscar De La Renta

Vera Wang
Vera Wang is the undisputable queen of the bridal industry. She is known and praised worldwide and sought after by everyday brides and celebrities alike. In 1990, while planning her own wedding, Vera became frustrated with the gown selection available to her. So what did she do? She opened her own luxury salon, showcasing her new, unique bridal collection. With this, a superstar wedding dress designer was born.

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What makes Vera Wang gowns so special?
Vera Wang dresses are very recognizable. She is known for keeping her designs edgy by combining traditional silhouettes with modern detailing. She uses sumptuous fabrics and layering them in a sexy yet sophisticated manner. Look for detailing like sharp razor cuts, oversized bows, intricate lace and hand-cut florals. As her name and company expands, so do her designs. Each year she sets the bar for the hottest trends. Recently, along with traditional white and ivory dresses, she has stepped outside the box by showcasing gowns with all-over color. The most popular of these colors are nudes, charcoals, greens, and black. Talk about making a statement!

What celebrities have worn Vera Wang gowns?
Vera is a top designer among celebrities. They flock to her designs, whether they be from the runway or custom made. She has dressed the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Ivanka Trump, Alicia Keys, Chelsea Clinton, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Uma Thurman and many more.

Oscar De LaRenta
Dominican-born Oscar De LaRenta started his own fashion label designer in 1965. He is very famous for his red carpet fashions and adored by high-end clients. Eventually, he launched his very own wedding dress line. And to put it mildly, it does not disappoint. He is one of the most notable and recognizable wedding dress designers in the business. Brides wait with anticipation to see what his next collection will reveal.

What makes and Oscar De LaRenta wedding dress so special?
Oscar has soft spot for refined, yet edgy looks that strike a chord with so many brides. Some of his designs are more traditional, and some completely break free from tradition. Oscar has even introduced pant suits as a bridal ensemble option. Recently, brighter colored wedding dresses have been his passion. Think deep reds and blues with a dash of exotic Latin detail. Oscar also loves the cutting of fabric and tons of lace to make intricate patterns on his gowns.

What celebrities wear Oscar De LaRenta wedding gowns?
While most of Oscar’s celebrity clientele wear his evening gown designs or everyday fashions (such as Laura Bush, Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker, Hillary Clinton and more), there have been some unforgettable bridal frocks in recent years worn by celebrities such as Katherine Heigel and Jenna Bush.

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