Wedding Ceremony Checklist: Must-haves for the Big Day!

Things can get pretty hectic on the day of your wedding. Every couple has their own unique ceremony style, but there are many things that all have in common. Keeping a checklist handy will ensure that you don’t forget any important details before the ceremony begins. Below is a handy list to keep in mind.

Checklist for Your Wedding Day
Ensure that your wedding day goes smoothly by going over this ceremony checklist.

• Wedding bands: This is the biggie. Be sure that you leave your wedding bands with a dependable member of the wedding party. Misplacing your sacred wrings would be a disaster!

• Bridal jewelry and accessories: Many brides bring their accessories with them and put them on just before the ceremony.

• Wedding vows: If you wrote your own vows, make sure your notes are in a safe place and easily accessible. Same goes for passages that may be read.

• Unity candles: These are optional and very traditional.

• Other ceremonial candles (memorial candles). These are also optional, but gaining popularity.

• Candle holders: A must-have fore sure if you do either of the above two.

• Match or lighter: A lighter is preferred, but be sure you have one or the other handy.

• Ring bearer pillow: Some couples choose to have a ring bearer (a child). If so, make sure the rings are secured nicely to the pillow.

• Bridal party bouquets: Don’t leave your wedding party high and dry. Make sure they have their accessories.

• Boutonnieres: Same goes for the guys as the girls. Of course, these are optional too.

• Guest book: This is another must-have. Without it, thank you cards would be impossible. Not to mention it is a great keepsake.

• Pen: Can’t sign the wedding guest book without the pen! In fact, bring more than one.

• Ceremony programs: Some couples choose not to have programs, especially if your wedding ceremony is short and sweet. But for longer ceremonies, it is a great idea for guests.

• Aisle runner: The bride needs her “red carpet.” There are tons of unique options.

• Religious items (chupah, glass to break, kneeling bench, etc.): Depending on your religion, always make sure a trusted member of the wedding party bring these as an important part of the day.

• Music/Sound System/Musician: If hired someone to play professionally, always confirm the date and time right before the ceremony.

• Outdoor sign: It is always a good idea to direct your guests to the site of the ceremony, especially of is being held outdoors.

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