Reproduction Vintage Bridal Jewelry: Hot trend that is here to stay!

In the past few years bridal jewelry trends have changed quite a bit. One style that has come to the forefront is the vintage bridal look. This works so well for many types of brides, especially the romantic bride, the bohemian bride, the traditional bride, and of course, the romantic bride. However, true vintage bridal jewelry can be very expensive, and with so many ladies are on a tight budget, reproduction vintage jewelry has become the hottest trend around! Below are your options and the hot trends you are likely to find in your search.

Vintage Jewelry: Earrings
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Necklaces: Vintage-style necklaces include so stunning designs. Some of the most popular are the cameo, a true ode to the past. These beautiful pieces serve as statement jewelry because they are larger in size. They may have a silhouette of a woman or even that of a flower in the design. If you were to buy an authentic vintage cameo necklace, it could cost you hundreds of dollars. If you buy a reproduction, you can find them starting as low as $29. Pearls chokers are also making a huge comeback and just scream vintage. Some come with other beads, but the classic pearl with a small drop is the most popular. Again, buying a reproduction can be just as beautiful and save you tons of money.

Earrings: Vintage-style bridal earring styles vary. However, pearl clusters, whether in a large stud or chandelier drop, are the most sought after. Gold is also a very prevalent in these vintage reproduction designs. (However silver is also available). Also, any type of ornate drop earring could be considered vintage, especially if the pair is made with rhodium (a material very similar to antique silver). If you were to buy the real deal, the prices would start in the hundreds and go up to the thousands. Lovely reproductions are selling for as low as $20 a pair to start.

Bracelets: Vintage-style bridal bracelets are most often found in the form of a large, heavily bead-encrusted cuff. Talk about a statement piece! Pair one of these with a drop earring and you are set. The beading is mostly pearls and rhinestones and the most popular designs are florals or abstracts. Gold or silver are both appropriate, and the prices are simply amazing. You can find a very expensive looking reproduction cuff bracelet for as low as $35.

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