Bohemian bridal accessories: Hottest trends

What is a bohemian bride? A “boho” bride is known to be one that is free-spirited, breaks from tradition, or is even a lover of nature and natural beauty. They go with their own personal style that tends to be more organic. Some boho brides love the looks of the past, and many combine nature with vintage for a very unique look. In the past few years designers have taken notice of the rise in popularity for accessories in particular. No traditional pearls for these brides. They want something fanciful and something that will reflect their individuality. Below are some of the hottest trends among bohemian brides

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Feathers: There are tons of cool accessories that are adorned or made with feathers. A really popular trend is a birdcage veil with a feathered clip or hat. It can easily be worked into a boho look. Really daring brides even go for a straight up feather boa for a va-va voom look! Peacock feathers have come into fashion this season in the form of earrings, brooches, bridal combs and more. They give an organic pop of color and are super chic. Don’t forget, feathers are available in a variety of colors now, so get creative.

Headbands: When we think a bohemian headband, we are not talking about the kind that is place gently on top of the head. We are talking a full-blown, across the forehead look. Boho brides sport this look in many different ways, the most popular being with the hair down and flowing material in the back. Lace is the perfect material, as is burlap or even satin.

Flowers: Flowers are often seen as a staple of the boho bridal movement. They can be found on the dress and on every accessory imaginable, including hair combs, pins, brooches, bags, bridal shoes, an even jewelry. Lots of brides go for colored flowers for a more natural and nature-driven look. And don’t forget about the bouquet! Large sunflowers are a hot trend.

Lace: Lace, lace and more lace. Bohemian brides can’t seem to get enough of it. If you shop for a boho inspired wedding gown, you are likely to see mostly lace frocks. They are available in every silhouette and are stunning in their own right. Lace sheath dresses seem to be the leader among boho brides, and empire style gowns come in a close second.

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