Rhinestones jewelry sets for the bride: What are your options?

So you have bought your wedding gown and now it is time to accessorize! Lots of brides love the bling of a stunning rhinestone. However, what you may not know is how many different styles are out there to choose from. Rhinestone jewelry sets are in high demand because it takes a lot of the work out of mixing and matching for the bride. Once you start shopping, you may be a bit overwhelmed at sheer number of selections available. Below are some options and facts to keep in mind.

Bridal Jewelry: Rhinestone Earrings
These rhinestone earrings are the perfect compliment to any wedding dress, helping the bride to look her best on the big day.
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Size of the stones: Rhinestones are available in various sizes—from small and petite to large and in charge. Small stones are always a good option, as they are a bit understated but still give that sparkle you want. Also, they go with every type of wedding gown—from casual to super formal. Medium sized stones seem to be the most popular, especially among jewelry sets. The majority of brides are at least having a semi-formal wedding and these really fit the bill. Large, chunky rhinestones serve as a statement piece. There are not as many sets to choose from, but there are some stunning ones. Just make sure the set does not compete or take away from your dress.

Colors of the stones: Gone are the days of merely clear rhinestones. Designers have caught onto the trend of bringing some color into bridal accessories and jewelry sets are a great way to do so. Rhinestones are available literally dozens of colors. Just because you are wearing a white or ivory dress does not mean that you can’t choose a bold stone to jazz up your look. The most popular stone colors are red, blue, green, pink, and black. Jewelry sets can include a mixture of colors—for example, combining clear stones with a colored stone is a subtle way to embrace color if you are not into the all-over color look.

Styles galore: Rhinestone jewelry sets come in amazing styles. In fact, there are so many to choose from it would be impossible to list them all. Before choosing a style, think about how you want to project yourself as a bride, and make sure it coordinates with your overall look. The most popular styles include wide, encrusted v-shaped necklaces with matching earrings, simple small rhinestone drops, and even rhinestone-laced chokers.

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