Bridal accessory blues: Hot new trend for the bride!

If you are a bride that has been shopping for bridal jewelry, bridal jewelry sets, or bridesmaid jewelry, you have probably noticed the abundance of blue stones available these days. They have really jumped onto the accessory scene this year and designers keep coming out with more and more designs to fit any wedding style or bridal style.

Blue Wedding Jewelry
This royal blue rhinestone bracelet makes a great accent piece for your wedding gown and also covers the "something blue" you may need.
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What is available?
Blue bridal jewelry is available as jewelry sets (of two or three pieces) as well as separates like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, and anklets. Many brides are choosing blue stones to include that “something blue” in their wedding ensemble. The great thing is that in today’s bridal fashion, gone of the days of everything matching perfectly. If you want to wear jewelry with blue stones, go for it, even if it not a color that is in your wedding color scheme.

The anklets have become especially popular, as they serve as a tiny bit of blue and can actually be worn after the big day. They are available with pearls and blue rhinestones, blue crystals and pearls, or even all blue rhinestones for the bride that loves the glitz.

Jewelry sets are popular for both the bride and the bridesmaids. However, keep in mind that if you are buying it for your bridesmaids, choose something a bit more simple and subtle. You want the gals to be able to sport at least some of the pieces again in the future.

The blue stones are also available in a variety of colors—from jewel tones such as royal blue to lighter more delicate looking stones such as baby blue. Turquoise, also considered a blue is also a lovely choice. These are common in rhinestone form. Yet, some designers offer faux pearls in these exact colors. The light blues are popular for spring and winter weddings—spring because they are reminiscent of the blue sky, and winter because they are reminiscent of ice. The darker blues are great for Fall or summer. Royal blue can work for either, but best for the warmer months. Play around with all the different styles and colors available to find what works for you.

Where can I find blue bridal jewelry?
Your best resource to find the best and widest selection is to shop online. There are literally hundreds costume jewelry manufactures, so take your time and find the one that carries the styles and colors of blue you want.

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