Go Contemporary Chic with Edgy Wedding Jewelry Sets—A Hot Trend!

Are you a contemporary bride? Do you love the newest jewelry fashions but aren’t sure what to choose? If so, no worries. Very talented wedding jewelry designers have put together ready-to-wear coordinated sets that are sure to make your bridal ensemble pop!

Wedding Jewelry Set
This stunning necklace and earring set features red rubies and clear crystals.

Chunky stones: Choosing a wedding jewelry set made with large chunky stones, particularly with a drop necklace, is the perfect way to incorporate edgy glam into your look. Clear stones are stunning and make a huge impact on your overall look. If the necklace is super chunky, try choosing a set that has smaller drop earrings. You want one focal point—either the necklace OR the earrings, never both.

Colored stones: A really hot trend in jewelry sets is to step away from the norm and go with something different… colored rhinestones! Just because you are wearing a white dress doesn’t mean you can’t have a splash of color in your jewelry. Black stones are super chic. Other popular choices are blues, pinks, and even greens. Lots of brides will choose the color of the stone to coordinate with their wedding décor colors. Colored jewelry sets also make a great bridesmaid gift.

Colored pearls: Love pearls but want to be a little more modern? No problem! There are a plethora of colors out there from which to choose. Faux pearls are extremely popular and like colored stones, can add a bit of non-traditional elegance to your bridal ensemble. Charcoal-colored pearls have really been making their mark. They look shimmery, classy, and most of all, contemporary. Also, like colored stones, these sets (which often come with a simple stud earring or small drop) are perfect for the bride or as a bridesmaid gift.

Simple rhinestones: Bridal jewelry sets can be very ornate or very simple. Many modern brides are going a different route and opting for the look of a simple, one-strand rhinestone necklace with drop earrings or large studs. The necklace should fit a little tighter to the neck, but not be a choker. The beauty is in the simplicity and the look of clean lines. This particular type of bridal jewelry works beautifully when bringing together a contemporary look.

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