Hot Trends in Wedding Jewelry Sets: Top Picks this Season

When it comes to wedding jewelry sets, designers have come a long way. Back in the day, options for wedding-appropriate jewelry were very limited. Thankfully, today there are many stunning sets out there to suit every bride or bridesmaid. Gone are the days of sticking to just one stone or material. Now, mixing and matching beading and detailing within sets is all the rage. Below are the top picks for bridal jewelry sets this season.

Bridal Jewelry Set Trends
This year fashion writers are noticing a trend in wedding jewelry sets, which includes combining more than one precious stone and gem.

Pearls and crystals: Pearls and crystals are a beautiful combination. It as if old-world charm meets modern day glamour. Many designs are made with a sturdy wire to create unique shapes and drops. Longer jewelry sets are also available, but the shorter varieties tend to be the most popular. Pearl and crystal jewelry sets are perfect for the traditional bride, romantic bride, and in some cases, even the modern bride.

Rhinestones and crystals: Rhinestones and crystals are a combination that shouts “Look at me!” If you want the sparkle factor, this is the combination to go with. Unlike pearls and crystals, most styles you will see as sets are made a bit shorter. Why? It is tough for designers to string rhinestones so the end product ends up being very structured. This style of jewelry set is ideal for the modern bride or the Hollywood glam bride.

Pearls and rhinestones: Pearls and rhinestones are a lovely mixture of beading. For the most part, you will see jewelry sets that include chokers, and styles that feature mostly pearls with a few rhinestones scattered here and there for a touch of sparkle. Many beach brides love this look, as do romantic brides and even vintage brides.

Colored and clear beads: It is very important to remember that with all the lovely combinations above, brides also have the luxury of mixing and matching colors of each and every one of the beads discussed. For example, if you love pearls and rhinestones, don’t be afraid to get bold and go for black pearls so those rhinestones really pop. If you love rhinestones and crystals, choose an aurora crystal with a lovely colored rhinestone for that jazz of color. Get creative and choose what wedding jewelry set speaks to you and reflects your awesome personality as a bride!

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