Five Tips On Using A Bridal Hair Piece

Ivory Gardenia Bridal Hair Clip
It’s almost your wedding day! Like any bride, you, too, would like to look your best on the day that you’ve always dreamed of. Your dress may be finished by now, and you have already contacted a make-up artist. However, your preparation may not be over yet. Have you thought of what bridal hair piece to wear, for example? Remember that you need to look good on your wedding day, and having well-styled hair for a bride is part of your overall look.

You need to focus now on your hairstyle and what bridal hair piece to wear. If you haven’t decided on one yet, here are five tips to guide you.

Tip #1. Make sure your bridal hair piece matches your overall look. If you’re going for a romantic effect, for example, go for something that also exudes the same aura. One example is a birdcage veil. Reminiscent of the 30s, there are many styles to choose from, from very simple ones to pieces with flowers, beads, and feathers. Before deciding on what to buy, consider tip number 2 first.

Tip #2. Balance your hair accessories with the design of your wedding gown. If your dress, for example, is very elaborate with a lot of beads and appliqués, avoid using a heavily embellished bridal hair piece. Go for something plain and simple to set off your dress. If your gown is simple, however, feel free to choose a hair piece with a lot of details.

Tip #3. Consider your hair length and style when you pick a hair accessory. Brides with short hair, for example, will benefit a lot from wearing lace headbands which can draw attention to the face. A headband can also be used on other occasions, unlike veils which will definitely be for weddings only. A bride with longer hair has more options to choose from though; it just depends upon the style of the gown and the hairdo.

Tip #4. Take your budget into consideration when choosing a bridal hair piece. You might think that hair accessories are quite cheap. Unfortunately, it’s not always so! Some accessories cost hundreds of dollars, especially if they’re branded or heavily embellished. However, do you really need one that’s very expensive? With the exception of some accessories, most bridal hair pieces can only be worn for one day. Be practical and choose one that won’t make you go bankrupt.

Tip #5. Prioritize comfort and functionality in choosing a bridal hair piece. Don’t buy one just because it’s branded or because you’ve seen a celebrity use it. Choose one that fits your look and personality, and with which you’re comfortable.

The bottom line is that your groom will see you as the most beautiful woman on earth on your wedding day. There’s no need to bend over backwards just to make him happy. A bridal hair piece is just an accessory. What’s important is the marriage that you’re going to live with when your wedding day is over.