Five Types of Bridal Hair Piece to Choose From

Art Nouveau Bridal Hair Vine
Preparing for your wedding day seems like a never-ending process. From reserving the venue and the church months in advance, to getting fitted for your wedding dress—everything takes a lot of time and effort on your part. However, you do know that if everything goes as planned, you will be living the day you’ve been only dreaming of for a long time. That alone makes everything worth it.

One thing you should not neglect is arranging for a hairstylist to come and do your hair. It would be good as well to choose your bridal hair piece at the same time that you’re discussing hairstyles. You need one, and there are a lot of them to choose from.

To guide you in choosing your bridal hair piece, here’s a short list and how it can make you look gorgeous on your wedding day:

Veils. Nothing can make you look more like a bride than a wedding veil. It’s the traditional accessory that every bride wears, and they range in style from the most simple lace ones to the more elaborately designed veils with beads, crystals, flowers, and even precious stones. Likewise, the prices vary too. If you don’t want to spend too much, you can use simple lace veils and decorate them yourself.

Headbands. This is a bridal hair piece which is very practical. It can either be wide or thin, and it can be of satin, silk, or other materials. The advantage of a headband is that it’s very easy to use, very easy to put on, and it can even be used for other special occasions and not just in weddings. A veil is not nearly as flexible.

Tiaras. If you fancy feeling and looking like a princess or a queen, a tiara can be a very good choice. There are a lot of styles available, and the embellishments vary too. Choose one carefully, as it may clash with your wedding’s theme or with the style and design of your wedding gown.

Feathers. Yes, feathers can be very fashionable too, if used carefully. These hair pieces are usually held in place with combs, pins, clips, or barrettes. As a bridal hair piece, feathers can make you look unique and elegant.

Flowers. For simple weddings, flowers are great hair accessories. They’re perfect for romantic weddings on the beach, or for traditional-styled ceremonies. Tropical flowers are especially beautiful for outdoor weddings. One disadvantage, of course, is that you must make sure to use fresh ones so that they last longer. Keep some extras as well for easy replacement when they begin to droop.

There are many other bridal hair accessories to choose from. Just keep in mind that in choosing your bridal hair piece, the most important factor to consider is your degree of comfort. It’s your wedding day. You decide what you wear and how to wear it; after all, this day is yours and yours alone!