Spruce Up Your Wedding Ensemble with Simple DIY Projects

You have your wedding gown. Now it’s time to make bridal ensemble come together. Most brides are on a budget, but don’t let this stop you from creating an amazing ensemble. So many little details can be done DIY, polishing your look and making it your own. There are hundreds of sites and blogs dedicated to the crafty brides out there, all of whom are grabbing their glue-guns and getting down to work. Below are some of the most popular and easy projects to get your creative juices flowing.

Wedding Gown Accessory Tips
Why not add a little bit of flare to your wedding gown? Here are 3 tips for giving your dress a little sprucing up to make your dress your own.
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1. Make your own bouquet. The bouquet is a very important part of the bridal ensemble. Buying one from a florist can cost hundreds of dollars. So, why not take a shot at it yourself? For example, brooch bouquets are so gorgeous and so simple to do. Depending upon your theme and style, you can use different types of brooches. Vintage brooches can be found at thrift stores, at yard sales, or even in your own jewelry box. Simply take a Styrofoam ball and arrange the brooches as you wish. The size of the bouquet can vary, as well as the colors. Some brides like all one color or all rhinestone brooches, and some like to mix it up with tons of color. Just make sure it fits well with your overall look.

2. Embellish your own veil. Plain tulle veils can be purchased or made. Either way, they are inexpensive. However, once you start looking at wedding veils that already have beading, the price can skyrocket. Therefore, grab that plain veil, a glue gun, needle and thread and get to work! Pearls, rhinestones, and crystals can all be ordered online in bulk. Or, you may even want to check your local craft store for other embellishments such as floral appliqués and patches of lace. Larger pearls and some crystals can be hot glued in any pattern you wish. However, appliqués and rhinestones will most likely need to be sewn on for security reasons. This is such a lovely and fun way to show your creative side and save money in the process.

3. Add bling to your wedding gown. Simple gowns are abundant. In fact, they are more popular now than ever. However, if you do want to add a little something for sparkle, it is super easy to do. Popular items are bridal belts (which range widely in price) and brooches (which can be added to the top of the dress, at the waist, or even in the back. Keep your budget in mind when looking at bridal belts. The brooches can be found online, or you may have one to use that has been passed down or has special meaning to you. Whichever you choose, it could not be easier to add them to your wedding gown.

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