Flatter Your Figure with the Right Wedding Gown Silhouette: Tips and tricks

Every bride wants to look their very best on their wedding day, and choosing the right wedding gown is a huge part of having a successful bridal ensemble. There are so many styles and silhouettes out there, all of which have specific detailing and design. Sometimes merely picking a silhouette that you “think” will work is not enough. Every body type and shape is unique. You need to choose the area of your body that you want to accentuate and go from there. Below are some tips for finding the perfect silhouette and wedding gown design for you.

Wedding Gown Silhouettes
The right silhouette for your wedding gown can be very complimenting to your figure.
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Show off great shoulders: Any strapless gown, whether it be sweetheart or straight across fits the bill. Certain halter designs can also bring attention to your shoulders. Try all these styles and you will be sure to get the look you want.

Show off toned arms: Same rules apply here as for showing off your shoulders. However, you may also have a little more wiggle room. Wedding gowns with spaghetti straps, or even gowns with a wider strap can look stunning. Just be sure the straps do not go past your shoulders, or the accent will shift away from your arms.

Show off your chest: Daring halter styles can really bring attention to your chest, yet these styles have a more subtle way of doing so than strapless gowns. Deep v-necklines will also do the trick. If for some reason this is not what you had in mind, stick with the classic sweetheart neckline. You may even have your seamstress make the dip a little deeper for a more enhanced look.

Show off your great legs: The obvious choice to show off your legs is to go with a tea-length or miniskirt gown. But, some brides may be having a more formal wedding that requires a longer style. If this is the case, try a sheath dress with a high slit. Also, high-low hemlines have come onto the scene in a big way. They are shorter in the front (as short as you want), and hit the floor in the back.

Show off your small waist: Corset wedding gowns are the perfect way to make a tiny waist look even smaller and bring attention that the area. Sheath and A-line gowns are also a fantastic way to go, but only if they have a belt. Belts are hot this season and can emphasize your waist, making it the focal point of your look.

Show off your booty: Mermaid styles are perfect for bringing attention to the booty. They are cut to fit very tight, and fit form like a glove. These styles are also known as trumpet gowns or fit-and-flare wedding gowns. There are tons of options and variations of this cut, so find the one that hugs you beautifully.

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