Top Tips for Customizing Your Plus-sized Wedding Gown

Even though designers have recognized the demand for more stylish plus-sized wedding dresses, there still may be some little details missing from your choice. For example, you may find a gown that fits you perfectly and flatters your curves, but it may not cover certain areas with which you are uncomfortable. The good news is that you can buy the dress that works for you, and then add or subtract details from it to make it your own. Below are some top tips for customizing your wedding gown to your satisfaction.

Plus Size Bride Dress Customization
So you've found the perfect plus-sized wedding gown, but you want to make some customizations. Here are some tips for making your new dress look great on you.
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Add sleeves: Many fuller-figured brides can be self-conscious about their arms. If you have found a sleeveless wedding gown that looks great, no worries… sleeves can easily be added. The most popular sleeves to add are expandable cap sleeves. You can adjust how much coverage you want for the top of the arm. Long sleeves can also be added, but are a little trickier and more expensive. Another option is to forgo the sleeves altogether and instead opt for a bridal shawl.

Make it sleeveless: Don’t be afraid to try on gowns with sleeves if you like the rest of the gown. They can be removed. Same goes for straps. But, the alteration may be a bit more detailed, as boning will probably need to be sewn in so that the dress does not fall down in the front. If you really want to show off your awesome shoulders or arms, it can be done!

Cover excess cleavage: So you love your strapless gown but it is a bit too revealing for your taste. That is a problem that can easily be resolved. A seamstress can add material to the neckline—think crumb catcher style, which is super popular these days. Also, sheer material can be added to bring up the neckline and creative the illusion of a strapless gown. Talk to the alteration department and see what other options are available. The cost is likely to be low, making this an easy and affordable change.

Create a fuller skirt: Adding volume to the skirt of a wedding dress is perfect for a plus-sized bride because it creates the look of a smaller waist and bodice. So, if you have chosen an A-line or ball gown, it is simple for a seamstress to add tulle under the skirt to make it as full as your heart desires. Again, this is a very affordable option.

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