Colored Wedding Gowns: What Do They Mean?

Colored wedding gowns are everywhere these days. Brides are breaking from tradition and going for a unique look that can reflect their personalities. These wedding gowns may have just a little color, or be completely one color with absolutely no white or ivory to be found. However, what do these colors represent? What do they mean? This is something you want to think about before purchasing one. Below is a rundown of what each color conveys.

Red: Wearing a red wedding dress can signify many things. Red is a sign of warmth and love. It is also shows boldness—a great choice for the bride who really wants to make a statement. Other adjectives include excitement, strength, passion, determination, desire and courage. Popular times of year at which to wear a red wedding gown are the weeks surrounding Christmas and Valentine ’s Day.

Black: Black is becoming hugely popular, thanks to Vera Wang. Wearing a black wedding gown conveys an air of elegance and sophistication. It is also a power color, for the bride who is strong-willed and not afraid to step outside of the box. Other adjectives to describe black are formality, strength and night. Black wedding gowns are ideal for black tie affairs, and of course, Halloween-themed weddings.

Pink: Pink is the true color of universal love and compassion. No matter what shade you choose, it shows your acceptance, worth, and love of love. Other adjectives include caring, tenderness, emotion and acceptance. Pink wedding gowns are typically worn in the spring and summer months. Bolder shades of pink, such as hot pink, can be worn beautifully in the colder months as well.

Green:  There are several shades of green wedding dresses out there. You will mostly find pastels or lime greens. The color green conveys optimism and harmony—perfect for a wedding day! It also stands for nature and relaxation… ideal for the eco-friendly bride or lover of the outdoors. Other adjectives include durability, reliability, luxurious, well-being, calm, safety, honesty and freshness. A good time of the year to choose a green wedding gown is in the early spring, or even around Christmas.

Blue: Blue wedding dresses have recently made their way onto the scene, particularly baby blue. Wearing a blue gown exudes peace and trust. Blue is the signature color for loyalty… something every bride wants to convey about her marriage. Other adjectives for blue include reliability, honor, depth, and stability. Blue wedding gowns are often chosen for winter weddings or spring weddings.


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