Bridal Hairstyles: What Style to Wear with Your Wedding Gown Neckline?

Bridal hairstyles are all over the map this season. From down-and-loose to up-and-structured, you need to find the right fit for the look of your wedding gown. The most important thing to keep in mind is the neckline of the dress. Some are rather restricting when it comes to what hairstyle you should choose. Keep these tips in mind when you decide on a ‘do!

Bridal Bun Hair to Match Dress
The half bun hairdo goes well with this full-length
Pronovias wedding gown with thin straps.
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Strapless: Strapless gowns, such as straight across or sweetheart, are most versatile. The hair can be worn up or down. Also, keep in mind the formality of the wedding gown. If it is more casual, you might want to choose a natural looking hairstyle, such as a loose, high ponytail. Or, you could go for an all down look with flowing curls. If your gown is more formal, try a more structured up-do or a half-up/half-down look.

High neck: High neck dresses can be as high as turtlenecks. This is where wearing an up-do makes perfect sense. There is likely to be detailing or buttons on the back of the wedding gown that you don’t want to cover up by wearing your hair down.

Halter: Halter styles are a bit tricky. Some are backless and some have material that runs halfway up the back. If the dress is entirely backless, you can definitely wear your hair either down or as a half-up ‘do. Again, think of your venue and formality of the event. Many beach brides choose a halter style, which calls for a more casual hairstyle. Think up and loose. If the back has material halfway up, go with wearing your hair up, to show off some skin and show off the structure of the dress.

One-shoulder: One shoulder looks are very popular these days. When it comes to hairstyles to compliment this look, it is recommended that you wear your hair up. A great new trend is to wear it in a low bun, either structured or loose, with the bun on the opposite site of the strap. This way, it does not detract from the beautiful cut of your wedding gown. Some down styles can work. The throwback finger curl look that is pinned to drape to one side of the neck could be lovely, but don’t forget, it can be difficult to manage.

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