Three Tips for Choosing a Reception Wedding Gown

Over the past few years, many brides are choosing two wedding gowns for the big day: one for the ceremony and one for the reception. The gown for the ceremony tends to be much more formal and movement restricting, such as ball gowns and mermaid silhouettes. Brides choosing these styles are then opting for a completely different gown for the reception, so that they can feel more comfortable and dance the night away. There are so many options from which to choose. Brides can really put their personality into the reception wedding gown. If you plan to go this route, keep the following tips in mind.

Reception Wedding Gown Options
Selection of different styled Reem Acra wedding dresses.

1. Feel free to go short. The great thing about having a second wedding gown is that you can choose a shorter more flirty style. Many wedding gown designers have a collection of short wedding gowns—some can be formal while others are very informal. If you are going for comfort, the informal gown, such as a halter-style with free flowing bottom, would be perfect. The length of a shorter gown is also a consideration. You can choose from tea-length, mini-skirt styles (above the knee), or have the dressed hemmed to your desired length.

2. Go long and keep it simple. Some brides are not comfortable in a shorter gown. If that is the case, longer, more casual styles work just fine. Think empire waist styles for ultimate comfort. Even looser sheath dresses can fit the bill. The one thing to remember is that you don’t want the second dress to outshine your ceremony gown. So, it is ok to have some bling, but try and keep it less than the first dress. Long gowns with straps are a booming trend in long reception gowns. Straps include spaghetti straps, one-shoulder, halter, and more.

3. Don’t be afraid of color. Choosing a colored reception wedding gown is a new trend that more and more brides are choosing to take part in. For example, if your wedding colors are blue and green, many will choose a cocktail dress in those colors or shades of those colors. Another trend is to wear a red dress for the reception, especially if you are having a formal black and white themed wedding. An important tip to remember is to not choose the same color dress as your bridesmaids. You want to stand out at the ceremony, not blend in with the crowd.

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