Wedding Trends For 2012

by Vandh Collection via Flickr
The good thing is that people are still getting married. Actually, there is no bad thing, but things are changing somewhat from only 5 years ago. More couples are trending towards finding ways to bring down the costs of their weddings, to the extent that the industry is changing to try to keep up with the changes.

It’s probably a good thing that there are still some couples spending extravagantly for their weddings so that businesses counting on them won’t go broke, but for everyone else, shifting priorities have made it more difficult to keep up. Let’s take a look at what’s going on.

1. More couples are shopping for items on the internet. It’s too bad that the costs of having a brick and mortar store means that those costs are passed on to consumers. More couples are finding deals online, especially when it comes to travel and products, and will forgo the convenience of sitting with someone to select the perfect item to save some serious dollars on the back end.

2. More couples are shopping for wedding rings together and coming to more fiscally responsible choices. While the tradition used to be brides wanting to show as much bling as possible, these days they know that they’re going to start life together with their grooms at a financial disadvantage and are deciding that other things are more important.

3. More brides are shopping for less expensive gowns, which is leading more designers to create collections that are more affordable. Brides aren’t as concerned anymore with making sure their gowns are brand spanking new, figuring that probably no one will notice anyway. So shopping at discount stores or online discount wedding gown suppliers has become a great option. Wedding gown designers have taken heed and are creating collections where prices are barely skimming $1,000, which still gives brides many options for finding not only what they like but what they can afford.

4. More couples are cutting back on the extras that are more extravagant than necessary. Not as many limos, not as many decorations, yet still making sure that they keep some of the glamour and sense of style in both their weddings and receptions. There are plenty of TV shows now showing wedding couples how to save money by doing things for themselves, which helps add a personal style to their wedding day.