5 Reasons A Discount Wedding Gown Is As Good As An Expensive Gown

There might be an impression among many brides that there’s something special about getting an expensive wedding gown. Truth be told, unless you’re spending more than $10,000 dollars or paying to have someone make your wedding dress from scratch, you probably won’t notice any difference between buying a discount gown and buying a new gown. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Discount doesn’t necessarily mean “used”. Bridepower, for instance, has its own line of wedding dresses, new dresses that cost way less than many other designer wedding gowns. Other companies might also have their own brand of gowns. Quality is quality; the only difference is the name on the gown.

2. There’s nothing wrong with a “used” wedding gown. Most wedding gowns were only worn once, and sometimes the bride only had the gown on for a couple of hours, changing clothes for the reception. Unless the bride had a major accident in the dress or trashed it for some reason, a previously worn wedding dress is probably pretty good.

3. Some discount wedding gowns are from top designers, with either minor imperfections or, in many cases, a designer’s own line of inexpensive wedding gowns where, instead of using top quality materials, they instead used materials that are very good, look like the original gowns, yet can be thousands of dollars less.

4. A discount wedding gown retailer will have inspected every wedding dress before they try to sell it. Since none of them would have much to gain by passing off a wedding gown with a lot of issues, you can pretty much be assured that the majority of them are selling gowns of pretty good quality. And the gowns will be cleaned as well, if that’s one of your concerns.

5. If you don’t like the wedding dress, you can always return it. Every discount seller will have its own policy as to how this works, and if you’re a smart consumer you’ll have checked this out before you order anything. So, with a guarantee like that, you can afford to take a chance on getting exactly what you want at a lower price, knowing that you won’t be stuck with your choice if it doesn’t work out.