Planning Your Wedding Dress

by Avivi J
Every day there’s another bride going out there looking for the wedding dress of her dreams. The reality is that very few brides really have any idea what it is they want. Sure, they’ve seen their friend’s wedding dresses, and probably have seen a few movies here and there where someone is wearing a wedding dress. But seeing what someone else has worn and deciding to wear the same style of dress rarely happens, and thus the confusion for brides on what they should be looking to wear.

The first thing a bride should think about is comfort, although it’s probably not primary on a bride’s mind. Finding something that fits the bride’s body type is way more important than finding something that looks beautiful. Finding something that will keep the bride cool during the wedding ceremony and reception is more important that layering on as much fabric as possible to enhance the look of the wedding gown.

The second thing a bride should think about is cost. Why spend $10,000 on a wedding dress if you can get something similar that’s also beautiful for much less money? There are many companies that make wedding dresses that look like what top designers make and cost thousands less. It’s far better to spend the extra money on things like your reception and food than on the wedding dress.

The third thing a bride should think about is how her wedding dress will match up with her bridesmaids. The thing that makes weddings beautiful is symmetry, and it doesn’t look good for a bride to be wearing a color that’s drastically different than what the women supporting her will be wearing. The same goes for price, because a bride wearing a $5,000 wedding dress having bridesmaids wearing $100 dresses looks out of place.

The final thing a bride should concentrate on is, finally, style. Style will determine comfort and cost, as well as what the bride is trying to project. Will you go with a sexy mermaid style? Will you go with the elegant princess, or a classic A-line? Will you have a long, sweeping train? Will you wear a veil? So many choices that it can blow your mind. Stay calm and take your time in making your selection; make the process fun rather than stressful, and that feeling will carry over until the day you get married.