Bridepower: Who We Are

VOWS Bridal Outlet in Watertown, MA

You know, sometimes you get so involved in working your business that you never take any time out to talk about your business. It occurs to us that we began this blog with testimonials about our site and business, but never talked about who or what we are. Please indulge us as we take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

We own an actual brick and mortar business called VOWS Bridal Outlet. This grew out of our dream to have a business where brides could find quality wedding gowns at discount prices. It was something we encountered many years ago when we were going to have a wedding and it was hard finding wedding gowns we could afford.

At this point we are one of the most widely known bridal outlets in the United States. We not only offer high end wedding gowns at lower prices from some of the top dress designers in the world, we also have our own line of wedding gowns called Liv Harris Design.

The website Bridepower, and consequently our blog, was our way of extending our business throughout the United States, since we knew everyone wasn't going to hop in their cars and drive to Massachusetts. We set it up so our customers could search our site by designer, silhouette or neckline/sleeve. We even offer discounted prices on invitations and other items associated with getting the word out about your wedding.

As you go through our site, you'll see some fabulous designer wedding dresses that we've checked out and guarantee as it pertains to their quality. We believe that every bride who goes through our site should be able to find what she's looking for. We've even added a way for brides to chat with us live during working hours if they need more assistance.

We hope you enjoy our site and continue to enjoy our blog. If you're ever in our area, please take time to stop by to see what we're all about. And thank you for visiting our blog & website.