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Carolina Herrera Wedding Gown
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As actresses like Amy Adams and Christina Hendricks know, Carolina Herrera wedding gowns are wonderfully glorious wedding gowns. Even though that’s not necessarily what she’s known for, Herrera has become a big-time player in the wedding fashion market.

Herrera was born in Venezuela back in 1939. She attended her first fashion show at the age of 13 and knew she wanted to be a designer. Because her family was rich, she spent most of their early adult life around celebrities of all types, and doing designs for many of her friends. Because she kept receiving positive reviews for her fashions, she created a fashion collection and debuted in 1980. That was a success and in 1981 she moved to New York City to form her own company. At this point Herrera has five specialty boutiques in her fashion stylings are sold at some of the top stores around the world.

Herrera is also known for her charity work. She participates in many charities trying to and malnutrition around the world, and she is a recipient of the Award of Excellence given to her by the international Center in New York City.

Carolina Herrera Wedding Dresses
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When it comes to her wedding styles, Herrera would not necessarily be considered as someone who designs dresses that look like the normal wedding dress. She likes to mix up the colors of white, off-white, and silver. And with some of her gowns, she uses a lot of lace and lace netting, and she will create a mixture of both strapless gowns and gowns with straps. Her 2010 Bridal Collection also contained a mix of wedding gowns that offered touches of black. One wedding gown was an off white ivory color with black spaghetti straps, while another wedding gown added a black lace Demi jacket over in a line wedding gown with a pink wrapping around the waist. She also had one wedding dress that had a black vine design covering the entire dress; that’s something you don’t see everyday.

Many people would consider some of Herrera’s wedding dresses as being quite affordable, as some styles begin around $1500. Prices do go up from there however, in some bride could easily find them spending upwards of $5000 or more on a single gown. One thing they will be able to say is that they’re wedding dress was unique and something that probably no one else will ever be found wearing that looks exactly the same.

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